Arizona Teacher Strikes Out: Parents Shouldn’t Pick Curriculum, ‘I Have A Master’s Degree!’

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Amid the cries of parental rights and student’s well-being, a particular Arizona teacher has crossed the line into what many are calling “wokeness gone wrong”. This educator suggested something blasphemous that will make your skin crawl. You can only tell what this kind of arrogance caused nationwide.

Alicia Messing’s remarks to the Arizona Senate Education Committee last month stirred up controversy among parents. The special education teacher argued that while parental involvement is essential in a child’s education, parents should not be given the power to pick and choose what their children learn in school. She claimed because of her masters degree she was more qualified to choose what the children learned. You can only guess how that went down.

Daily Wire reports, when a teacher in Arizona told lawmakers that parents shouldn’t be able to choose what their children learn in school, she raised the ire of parents.

A special education teacher made the remarks last month at a Senate Education Committee hearing. During her speech, she criticized a bill that would ban books in Arizona’s public schools discussing sexuality and LGBT ideology.

Brace yourself for the woke arrogance.

According to the teacher, public education is not meant to teach children only what parents want them to be taught, but “what society needs them to be taught.”

Her comments sparked a backlash on social media, with critics saying that she “endorses school choice” and sounds like she “hates parents.”

According to the bill’s fact sheet, The proposed bill she opposes would require the Arizona education department to “maintain a list of books that public educational institutions cannot use or make accessible to students, including books that are lewd or sexual, promote gender fluidity or gender pronouns or groom children into normalizing pedophilia”.

Furthermore, the bill gives parents the right to request the removal of books or curriculum materials. As part of the legislation, all exceptions to the curriculum approval process and school library access requirements will also be eliminated, as well as the public review periods for books in school libraries and textbooks.

As a result of a 4-3 vote along party lines, the Arizona Senate Education Committee passed the bill.

Currently, the Senate Rules Committee is considering the bill, and no hearing has yet been scheduled in the Arizona Senate.

Any teacher who thinks their university degrees entitle them to override the opinion of parents when it comes to what their children should learn has completely missed the point. Parents have an inalienable right to provide guidance on the education their child should be getting. The moment a teacher seeks to undermine this by teaching children about topics without parental consent, they are playing with fire. If a teacher wants such control over what is taught in the classroom, then perhaps they should look into having children of their own instead and teaching them whatever.

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