Elon Musk Races Ahead Of Clock, Recruiting Geniuses For New ‘Non-Woke’ AI Competitor

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When business mogul and innovator Elon Musk is mentioned, the first words that come to mind are ambition, success, and incredible power. From Tesla and SpaceX to now owning Twitter, there’s nothing this man can’t do it seems. Now, he’s taking on something no one else could have imagined; challenging woke AI chatbot CHATGPT. As a defender of freedom of speech, Musk has made his personal opinion loud and clear and he will not be stopped.

Over the past few weeks, Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has allegedly been recruiting a team of researchers to develop an artificial intelligence bot to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This is significant as Musk is known for being a free speech absolutist. It appears as though Musk’s competency in the field of AI could prove successful if he follows through with his plans to create an alternative to OpenAI’s system. Apparently, Elon is no stranger to this field open AI either.

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Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter and Tesla, reportedly hired a team to develop an artificial intelligence bot to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

According to The Information, the self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” has approached artificial intelligence researchers over the past few weeks to develop an alternative to ChatGPT.

In 2015, Musk founded OpenAI, but he left the company in 2018. He recently criticized the company for “training AI to be woke.”

In a December tweet, Musk spoke about ChatGPT, “The danger of training AI to be woke – in other words, lie – is deadly.”

On Tuesday, Tesla founder Elon Musk posted a meme claiming “Based AI” will be more powerful than “Woke AI” and “Closed AI.”

Apparently, the billionaire tech entrepreneur is in talks with AI researcher Igor Babuschkin, who created a research group for Google’s parent company.

Despite conflict of interest concerns, Musk left OpenAI in 2018 after co-founding the company in 2015. Earlier this month, Musk criticized OpenAI for becoming something it was not intended to become.

He talked extensively about how AI needs to be regulated the faster it grows.

With the incredible advances being made in the world of AI, it is no longer just a hypothetical fear to be concerned about regulation – it is reasonably needed. We have seen evidence of leftist bias being created in platforms based on the ideologies of those running them; Google, Siri and other popular applications have been noted as examples. When considering Elon Musk’s new venture into ChatGPT technology, it should never act as a means for allowing these biases to continue spreading throughout our technology environment unchecked. If any can challenge the left with open AI it’s Musk. We hope he takes on the challenge.

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