HE’S BACK: Zeldin Makes BOLD Move that Will Make Chuck Schumer Very Nervous

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Republicans and New Yorkers alike are rallying behind Lee Zeldin’s bold and revolutionary new strategy to challenge the stranglehold that Democrats have over young voters in New York.

In a bold move to challenge the Democrats’ stranglehold on New York politics, Lee Zeldin has announced a new PAC with a revolutionary new strategy. 

Breitbart reports, to increase Republican turnout among young people and people of color ahead of a possible US Senate run, former Long Island, New York, Congressman Lee Zeldin launched a political action committee.

Earlier this week, Zeldin announced that he would launch Leadership America Needs PAC to help Republicans reach out to young voters, including Millennials and Gen. Z, and voters of color.

Zeldin stated “Through a deeply committed effort to more enthusiastically engage the cities and suburbs, we were able to flip traditionally Democrat voters, drive the message, and assemble the down ballot success needed to change control of the House of Representatives….We will take what we learned in New York, apply it across the country, and help deliver the leadership America needs to confront the challenges of the future.|

While Zeldin did not win his bid for Governor, he did create many opportunities across the state.

Breitbart note, Lee Zeldin’s unsuccessful bid to unseat incumbent New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul created significant inroads for other GOP candidates across the Empire State, and could end up being the unsung savior of the House majority.

The GOP acknowledged his success in helping other Republicans win in the Empire State — 11 House seats for the GOP, including the one held by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Rep. Zeldin conceded to Hochul after one of the closest gubernatorial races in New York in 20 years. (D-NY) Sean Maloney).

On Twitter, the Republican gubernatorial candidate also stated that Republicans were able to flip four congressional districts in the Empire State, breaking the Democratic supermajority in the state Senate and receiving more votes than any GOP candidate in the state since Nelson Rockefeller. He declared, “Team Zeldin put in the max effort every day and has no regrets. It was such an honor to lead this year’s ticket.”

As an advocate for New York, Zeldin is taking a stand to counter the liberal agenda and shift the political landscape with his conservative mindset. This new initiative goes beyond simply voicing an opinion: it challenges the ugly truth of voter suppression tactics which threaten our democracy on a national level. By leading this fight against oppression, Zeldin could spearhead a new generation of political campaigns and representation in America while simultaneously giving new yorkers a much-needed voice.

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