Ohio ROCKED by ANOTHER Norfolk Southern Train Derailment – Here’s the Moment It All Went Down

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If you thought Ohioans were done dealing with the tumultuous aftermath of the East Palestine train derailment last month, think again. This time, it’s Norfolk Southern YET AGAIN making headlines after another one of its trains veered off its tracks and was left strewn across the landscape. If you’re wondering what went wrong in this shocking event, have no fear – we’ve got all the latest details from where this happened to photos capturing that very moment when chaos ensued. Keep watching to find out just how bad things got for Ohioans once again…

A train that derailed in Springfield, Ohio on Saturday belongs to Norfolk Southern, the same train company responsible for the toxic train derailment in East Palestine in early February,

Here’s the moment you can see the train cars derailing.

As reported by the Daily Wire, 28 out of 212 cars of the train derailed during its journey through the town. 

Here’s a look at the aftermath of the derailment.

During a news briefing, officials said there were no hazardous materials on board the 28 cars that derailed.

In addition, on Sunday, the National Transportation Safety Board said it is investigating Saturday’s derailment of the Norfolk Southern train, with NTSB investigators planning to arrive at the derailment scene today.

This train derailment in Springfield comes one month after East Palestine experienced a catastrophic train derailment that was caused by an overheated wheel bearing on the 23rd of 149 rail cars, leading to the evacuation of all residents within one mile of the accident and a controlled burn of the vinyl chloride that the train was transporting in an effort to prevent a massive explosion from occurring.

Amid these back to back derailments, the concern for accountability is naturally foremost in people’s minds. It is unacceptable that such disasters continue to occur with little accountability or explanation from Norfolk Southern. We all need answers immediately,  and it is clear that further measures need to be taken to protect citizens and infrastructure around the nation from similar situations occurring again in the future.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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