Tucker Carlson Destroys Lightfoot’s Pathetic Excuse For Losing Election

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After Lightfoot’s embarrassing defeat, Carlson highlighted how liberals like Lightfoot have these ridiculously high expectations when it comes to their own policies, yet take no responsibility when their actions result in incredibly shameful results. 

Lightfoot’s persistent refusal to be held accountable for her worst failures does a huge disservice to Chicago voters, but what’s worse is how often she hides behind the race and gender card without any regard to facts.

Daily caller reports, after Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed racism and sexism were behind her loss, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped Lightfoot.

As a result of finishing third in Tuesday night’s primary election, Lightfoot failed to reach the runoff. Lightfoot was at risk of losing the election after being criticized over the city’s skyrocketing crime rate, with robberies climbing 15% and sexual assaults climbing 56%. The crime rate has led to multiple companies leaving the city, with Boeing, Caterpillar and Tyson Foods being among the most prominent.

In a Jan. 19 mayoral debate, Lightfoot suggested that Chicago street vendors could make themselves less vulnerable to crime by not using cash.

Lightfoot went on to stand behind her ideals that led her to lose her re-election bid stating “Regardless of tonight’s outcome, we fought the right fights and we put this city on a better path”

Her loss was viewed as a “political embarrassment” by the Chicago Tribune, which claimed crime skyrocketed during her tenure, the paper stated ““Lightfoot campaigned for mayor in 2019 by arguing crime was too high, saying she wanted to make Chicago the ‘safest big city in the country, But homicides, mostly from gun violence, spiked dramatically in 2020 and 2021 from 500 murders in 2019 to 776 and 804 in the next two years, respectively. Shootings and carjackings also skyrocketed.”

Lightfoot finished behind former Chicago Public Schools head Paul Vallas and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson with only 16.4% of the vote.

The next mayor will be determined by a runoff election on April 4, between Vallas, who got 35% of the vote, and Johnson, who got 20.2%. 

Lightfoot’s defeat follows a quarter-century-high number of murders in the Windy City in 2021.

While the homicide rate dropped 14% in 2022, it remained nearly 40% higher than in 2019.

After the announcement of her dismal performance in the Chicago primary election, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is now receiving backlash from both sides of the aisle. In an impassioned rant, Fox News host Tucker Carlson confidently declared Lightfoot the worst mayor in America and made a claim that her liberal policies have contributed to soaring crime rates in the city. The worst being noticed are rapes, robberies, and murders; under her tenure Chicago occupants saw an enormous increase in all three. This has lead to high-profile companies such as Boeing, Caterpillar, and Tyson Foods leaving the city. Though Mayor Lightfoot attempted to blame sexism and racism for her humiliation loss, it appears that she simply could not handle the responsibility of leading one of America’s most populous cities; a valid cause for shame.

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