Where Math Goes To Die: Leftist Brainwashing Leaves Minnesota Students Without Basic Skills

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The last thing Minneapolis school parents wanted to experience has happened. Thanks to extreme left-wing lockdowns, educational data from 2020 proves that academic success has taken a hit for the city’s young learners – a nightmare for parents who truly care about their children’s future. The negative consequences of lockdown politicization have become all too clear in this latest saga.

The 2021-2022 school year revealed a troubling yet predictable truth in Minneapolis and St. Paul public school districts in Minnesota – at least double digit public schools reported that none of their students met expectations for grade level math. This alarming data confirms the suspicion that many have held for quite some time, namely that the education of these children would suffer because of political agenda. 

Daily Caller reports, the Center for the American Experiment, an organization that focuses on state public policy, reported that at least 10 elementary and high schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul were not able to meet grade level expectations in math during the 2021-2022 school year in the Minneapolis Public School District.

Due to the horrible school policies, the Minneapolis-St Paul district has faced a fiscal crisis.

Furthermore, 19 school districts failed to have one student test proficient in math on the 2022 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment, a test used to measure student learning, according to a report by the Center of the American Experiment. There were seven elementary schools in the Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts without a single student meeting grade level expectations in math.

Catrin Wigfall, the author of the report, wrote that fewer than half of Minnesota students are proficient in math (44.6 percent), and just under 50 percent cannot read at grade level.

Reading and math scores in Minnesota are the lowest in 30 years on national assessments.

In total, 19 schools were analyzed, six were public charter schools, two were online schools, and 11 were traditional public schools. There were no proficient readers in any of the traditional public schools.

The report comes as K-12 math scores have dropped across every state for the first time in history. In 2022, the nation’s reading scores dropped to fall in line with numbers from 1990.

It should hardly come as a surprise that Minneapolis schools are suffering such low registration rates, given that parents who have been paying close attention to their children’s well-being have already taken proactive steps to pull them from those schools in light of what happened. Their decision was understandable – no student should be put through the wringer like that. A sad truth, but it seems these schools truly deserve to go broke and suffer the consequences of their policies. They have rightfully lost the confidence of parents.

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