Conservative Fury as Bank Prepares to Track Gun Sales

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By caving to the demands of left-wing lawmakers, Discover Banking is on the precipice of committing a major blunder. In the left’s push for more gun control, Discover has chosen to actively discriminate against 2A owners instead of protecting citizens’ right to own firearms. It’s an age-old debate: they have chosen the collective safety route which will come back to bite them in the butt. 

Soon, Discover Financial Services will take a step that many in the GOP and pro-gun circles are warning against; tracking purchases at gun retailers. This shift comes in wake of the International Organization for Standardization’s approval of a Merchant Category Code for gun retailers last year, allowing consumer credit companies to identify purchases made at such outlets. It is certainly a move that has caused much stir among those passionate about gun rights, and rightly so.

Town Hall reports, As of next month, Discover Financial Services will track purchases at gun retailers for the first time, triggering warnings from lawmakers and gun rights activists.

It follows the September approval of a Merchant Category Code for gun retailers by the International Organization for Standardization.

According to the code, the move helps law enforcement investigate gun-related crimes, but does not specify what was purchased at the retailer.

CBS claims mass shootings could be curbed if only we were able to track gun purchases with a code.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, some Republican lawmakers are raising the alarm, while at the state level efforts are already underway to protect gun owners.

A bill is pending in Mississippi to prohibit the use of the gun store MCC. In a 87-26 vote, the Mississippi House of Representatives approved House Bill 1110. It is expected that the bill will move quickly through the state Senate.

The Republican-controlled Senate Banking and Insurance Committee in Florida passed Senate Bill 214, which targets credit-card companies’ plans to create gun store MCCs that have yet to be enacted. The bill would even fine credit card companies up to $10,000 for each violation.

The West Virginia Republican state treasurer Riley Moore spoke of efforts to block the code as well, praising the House of Delegates for passing legislation barring credit card companies that track gun and ammunition purchases from bidding on state contracts. 

With Republican local representatives showing initiative to protect Second Amendment rights, we see a positive stance on the steps being taken by Congress to directly address this oppressive measure. This could ultimately lead to progress in the right direction and serve as a reminder to all Americans that those defending our Constitution will not be silenced. It’s encouraging to witness our elected officials taking serious action against an organization trying to force intrusive code tracking of our guns

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