Senator Ted Budd Eviscerates Unprepared FAA Administrator Candidate

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Senator Ted Budd was in disbelief as the FAA nominee failed to answer even the most basic of questions during his nomination hearing. 

When it comes to hiring competent people for the jobs in which every American needs skilled, knowledgeable, and competent people, Biden is clueless.

Trending politics reports, Sen. Ted Budd asked FAA Administrator nominee Phil Washington a couple of questions earlier this week. Washington was unable to answer any of the questions.

As the chief advisor to the Secretary of Transportation on all matters related to aviation safety and policy, the FAA Administrator is appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate.

Senator Budd tweeted after the interview, “I asked Biden’s nominee for FAA Administrator 7 basic questions about aviation policy. He went 0 for 7. We can’t have an FAA Administrator who needs on the job training.”

The FAA Administrator is the head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is part of the Department of Transportation. As FAA Administrator, you are responsible for maintaining safety and efficiency of the national airspace system, regulating civil aviation in the United States, and promoting a safe and sustainable aviation industry.

Any nominee would oversee a large organization that includes air traffic controllers, aviation safety inspectors, engineers, scientists, and other professionals who work to ensure the safety of air travel.

The consequences of having a person running a Government organization with no experience that ensures safety can be disastrous.

Daily Illini reports, Achieving one thing is better than achieving everything. However, if it’s difficult to even succeed at one thing, it’s time to move on to something else.

Now is the time to reopen your resume and shop around if you are the current transportation secretary who has only succeeded at failing.

The current “Secretary of Failure” is Secretary Pete Buttigieg of the Department of Transportation, a.k.a. “Mayor Pete” from the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries. Buttigieg’s poor leadership cripples the department that coordinates effective federal transportation.

Under his leadership, numerous fiascos occurred: supply chain issues, railroad worker failure, Southwest Airlines disaster disruptions which left thousands stranded, and, according to ABC News, the largest aviation shutdown since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when the Federal Aviation Administration went down.

One of Mayor Pete’s greatest failures is the East Palestine Ohio derailment which caused tens of millions of people to be exposed to Dioxins, and his failure to immediately address the severity of the accident.

This is an embarrassment for President Biden. His nominee to lead the FAA doesn’t even know anything about aviation despite the fact that it’s his job to manage and ensure a safe, efficient national airspace system. What were they thinking? This blunder is worse than Mayor Pete’s confirmation hearing, and we are seeing just how bad he is at his job, with all of the chemical spills and deaths. Clearly this doesn’t just demonstrate a lack of literal knowledge, but a lack of basic political understanding by Biden’s team. Clearly, this administration doesn’t have the common sense God gave a goose!

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