Tucker Carlson Unleashes on Dem Leaders’ Power Grab

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Fox News has been taking a lot of fire because of its current ownership, but that hasn’t stopped its on-air talent from dealing the left blows after blows. Just recently Tucker Carlson showed no signs of backing down, using the John Fetterman scandal as an example to expose just how radical leftist agenda is becoming. He even gifted the clown party a new nickname.

Tucker Carlson’s characterization of the Democratic Party as “mercenaries” is an interesting perspective on the motivations of their politicians. His example of Democratic Sens. John Fetterman and Dianne Feinstein are particularly relevant examples of what many might call “professional politicians” whose main interest appears to not be making meaningful change for the public, but rather the pursuit of political power.

Daily Caller reports, Tucker Carlson ripped the mercenaries around Democratic Sens. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania and Dianne Feinstein of California Friday, saying they were seeking “the power of the office.”

The co-founder of the Daily Caller and honorary board member of the Daily Caller News Foundation, Laid into just how much the left cares about a representative democracy.

Tucker continued to double down on the fact that in the same state, the same voters decided to elect vegetable brain John Fetterman.

That’s just the surface of what Democrats are willing to do for the power of office. So much that even the oldest member of Congress Diane Feinstein isn’t even making her own decisions.

That should shine some light on what’s really happening behind closed doors at the White House. 

The old saying goes “by any means necessary,” but it should now be the new leftist slogan. Tucker Carlson has made some valid points that are hard to argue. Far too many politicians have been pushed out of their campaigns without so much as a thought–Joe Biden, John Fetterman, and Dianne Feinstein all became talking heads for people who were not elected. Now we are seeing what seems to be the end result, with Fetterman being put to pasture after exploitation as he continues to struggle with his hospitalization.

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Next News Network Team

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