Biden chooses profits over planet with support of rainforest-wrecking electric truck!

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The Biden Administration’s green agenda has left many Americans feeling fed up with their government. Reports of millions of dollars being thrown around this radical agenda have caused much dismay throughout the nation. And now there’s a new report that has just been released that shines a bright light on the issue: pertaining to the sham that is Biden’s EV Endorsement.

Joe Biden is an avid supporter of electric vehicles. His commitment to strive toward green energy was further showcased when he test-drove a Ford F-150 Lightning in May 2021. While the move was seen as a positive step towards limiting carbon emissions, a recent Bloomberg investigation has shined a light on the damaging consequences from acquiring metals used in truck production. Apparently, the metal used is having quite the negative side effect in the Brazilian Amazon. But hey, green is the future, he says.

The washington examiner reports, according to the White House, President Joe Biden does not regret endorsing an electric truck that is damaging the Amazon rainforest.

In May 2021, Biden, a self-described “car guy,” test-drove a Ford F-150 Lightning as part of an effort to promote electric vehicles. A recent Bloomberg investigation found that the truck uses metal that damages Brazilian rainforests.

Here was the president proudly test driving the electric vehicle last year.

A reporter from the Washington Examiner, Christian Datoc, asked that question during the press briefing on Monday, “Does President Biden regret endorsing that truck back in 2021?? And has anyone talked to Ford about how they should source aluminum for the truck frame from a different mine?

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the president has no regrets.

She said, “No, do not regret that. And I don’t have any conversation with Ford to read out at this time.”

The electric F-150 has come under fire after it was discovered that the aluminum used in its manufacture contributes to Amazon River pollution. Thousands of people have been sickened by a refinery that makes metal for the truck.

The Biden Administration’s disregard for anybody but themselves shines through in their relentless promotion of the green energy scam. It’s clear that its primary goals are to generate as much cash as possible and with no consideration for the environmental or economic wellbeing of others. To put it bluntly, it doesn’t care how much harm is caused, so long as its own interests are achieved; whether that damage is inflicted on other people or an entire nation. By now, it’s obvious to everyone why they’re not going to say yes when asked if they regret making money at someone else’s expense – because they simply don’t feel any remorse.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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