California’s Insanity: Paying $360k for Slavery That Never Happened!

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California’s Democratic Party is brazenly betting with taxpayer money when it comes to their latest initiatives. This reckless behavior began with the proposal to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves – a scheme which, if implemented, would have bled state coffers dry. Now, the party is doubling down, with yet another outrageous reparations announcement.

California has a long, complicated history, and one of the most important issues being discussed among lawmakers is that of reparations. Especially when California entered the Union in 1850 as a free state, but despite this fact, years of discrimination and oppression have left a lasting legacy on its citizens. Now, California is considering reparations of up to $360,000 per eligible recipient – far greater than what was previously tabled.

Breitbart reports, upon entering the Union as a free state in 1850, California is now considering reparations of up to $360,000 per eligible recipient – 50% more than the highest possibility floated last year.

According to a Breitbart News report from December, a state committee considering reparations heard recommendations that eligible recipients could be eligible for up to 233,000.

This amount has ballooned to $360,000 per recipient, according to Bloomberg News – perhaps as a result of local efforts in cities like San Francisco, which is considering $5 million per black resident.

The state has a budget deficit of roughly $25 billion this year, and many cities are also short of funds. In addition, it is unclear why California would pay for sins it did not commit.

In a report from Bloomberg News: Reparations advocates argue California is guilty regardless because of lingering racial equality. According to the report, the goal seems to be to encourage the entire nation to pay reparations.

Sacramento held its first task force meeting to begin talks of their own.

Governor Gavin Newsom (D) created the reparations committee during the Black Lives Matter heyday in 2020. Despite already making preliminary recommendations that include separate schooling for black Californians, this committee does not have a single white member who represents the state’s demographics.

It’s no surprise that black Americans don’t give a damn what white people think about “black” issues, since they’re already requesting that schools be re-segregated after their ancestors worked so hard to desegregate for them to have a better life – but what did those old fools know right? Clearly this generation is more opposed than the one that lived during the era of Jim Crow.  After all, real oppression is when you can rob stores not for food but for luxury items.

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