Scott Jennings Warns of Dem’s Plan to Attack All GOP Candidates!

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The leftists thought they could get away with spreading their fake news and throwing faint jabs at the Republicans. But they were soon to find out that GOP Scott Jennings wasn’t playing around and he wasn’t going to take it lying down. He didn’t hesitate to go on the offense. Something that is rarely seen. 

On Sunday, Scott Jennings appeared on CNN to shine a light on the leftists and make a shattering point: that it doesn’t make much difference which Republican nominee ends up running for president. The liberal media and Democrats will go after whoever to get their way for the presidential campaign.

New Buster reports, the Republican strategist Scott Jennings expertly demonstrated on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that it doesn’t matter who Republicans nominate for President in 2024 or any other year.

Democrat and leftist media allies will smear and attack whoever the GOP nominee is, just as Trump was smeared. 

This came after defeated former Democrat Congressman Mondaire Jones said the quiet part out loud when he admitted it doesn’t matter who Republicans nominate because they all “would pose an existential threat to democracy itself.” 

In Jones’ opinion, since all potential candidates pose a threat to democracy, Trump should be the nominee in 2024 because… – just WATCH the nonsense

This led to Jennings’ ballistic on Jones and the rest of the leftists on the State of the Union panel.  

Jennings had a point when he made his epic rant, particularly with regard to the Democrats’ deep-seated hatred of Trump. It’s not like they’re not ruthless and vicious towards other candidates from the Republican party – that much is true. But nothing can measure up to their passionate animosity for Trump, going so far as to do almost anything just to stop him from getting re-elected. That’s why, it can be argued, because some on the left are taking an unexpected stance of favoritism towards Governor DeSantis – they will never be as ruthless against him as they were with Trump. 

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Next News Network Team

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