DNC Official Accuses Woke Ideology Critics of Racism!

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As hypocritical as it sounds, Democrats are never shy to jump on the free speech bandwagon whenever they don’t agree with conservative viewpoints. This was recently made evident by the top Democrat National Committee leader, Lindi Li, who could barely contain her jubilation at being allowed to publicly express her opinions about Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) attendees

Recent comments from Lindy Li, the women’s co-chair and mid-Atlantic regional chair at the DNC, has made some baseless claims. According to her proud assertions, those opposing woke ideology are “anti-black”, painting them as morally wrong and working against African Americans in some capacity. This suggestion implies that conservatives don’t support people of color instead of politely listening to their concerns and either agreeing or disagreeing with their conclusions. Interesting!

Daily Wire reports, on Saturday, a top official at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) attacked critics of “woke” ideology as “anti-black.”

The DNC’s mid-Atlantic regional chair, Lindy Li, appeared on MSNBC over the weekend to attack conservatives and last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Here is Li spewing her garbage.

Okay, that was worse than expected.

After Li’s comment, the show host paused awkwardly for several moments before clarifying the network’s position on Li’s allegation against Trump.

Let’s WATCH as the race baiter gets reeled in before she and MSNBC get sued for her slander of all those public figures.


Li is a Democrat who has at times been criticized by the Left. In 2020, she resigned as treasurer of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats after criticizing self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont on social media.

Lindi Li may have aligned herself too closely with a certain train of thought, and it appears she’s running the risk of alienating people on each side of the political aisle. It seems as if she’s more focused on sounding woke than actually researching what she claims to be true; she should probably cut her consumption of CNN. If Li continues at that pace, she could find herself in quite a bit of legal trouble with those kinds of slanderous accusations that have either been dismissed or in the process. 

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