GOP House Scores HUGE VICTORY and Everyone In America is Taking Notice

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Want to know why the Republican majority in the House of Representatives is so important? A national poll is showing that the majority’s hard work is really making a difference. This session has been incredibly successful for Republicans so far – and it’s paying off by resonating with voters nationwide. 

Rasmussen Reports polling on Wednesday showed voter approval of Congress at 28 percent, its highest level in 15 years.

Since Republicans retook the House in November, likely voters say the performance of Congress is good or excellent, up from 25 percent in December.

Recent surveys indicate that Congress has made some strides in looking better in the eyes of American voters. About one-third (28%) say congressional performance is good or excellent, an increase from December and a record low since March 2007. 

This improvement appears to be driven by young voters and Democrats, who are the most likely groups to say Congress is doing well. This uptick in approval is far from universal though, as 45% of Republicans, 27% of Democrats, and 48% of unaffiliated voters are still giving Congress a poor rating. It remains to be seen what impact these figures will have at the polls this fall.

There is no denying that congressional approval ratings have generally been on a downward trend but, as revealed by recent polls, there has been a definite shift in the opinion of Congress among younger voters. 

The proportion of those under 40 who see Congress doing a good job is dramatically higher than that of older generations, with 55 percent approving to only 17 percent of respondents between 40 and 64 and 14 percent of those 65 and over. 

In addition to this, those under 40 are significantly more likely to state that their representative in Congress is the best one for the job than those between 40 and 64 or 65 and older, an estimated 57 percent. 

These figures not only reflect an increase in overall favorable opinion of Congress but also support the notion that younger Americans are keen to demonstrate their trust in elected officials.

The House Republican majority’s hard work is chugging forward and keeps on paying off, as evidenced by the Rasmussen Reports national poll showing voter approval of congress at 28 percent. This is the highest in 15 years, and speaks to the success Republicans have had since regaining the House back in November. The Republicans are keeping their promises when it comes to making America great again – as likely voters say the performance of Congress is up from 25 percent back in December – and this increased performance is resonating well with the American public. Kudos to the Republican majority in the House – keep on keepin’ those promises!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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