Ron DeSantis Takes Down Gavin Newsom’s Freedom Claims!

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As the rivalry between California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has heated up, most Americans know who the clear winner is. Though the imaginary competition is amusing for some, it recently turned into a very real battle of freedom. After his impressive handling of the lockdowns, DeSantis made sure to put a nail to that coffin but it seems DeSantis just had to re-apply that nail.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida wasted no time in voicing his objections to California’s Governor Gavin Newsom’s “the real freedom state” statement. The Republican governor took the opportunity to slam Newsom during a Sean Hannity interview, instead using the evidence to show that more individuals are actually choosing to uproot their lives and move to Florida on a daily basis, while California is experiencing an average population loss of 1000 people per day.

Daily wire reports, Governor Ron DeSantis ripped California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a Fox News interview after Newsom called California “the real freedom state.”

According to DeSantis and Fox News host Sean Hannity, California is losing approximately 1,000 residents per day while Florida is gaining nearly 1,000 per day, largely due to the stark differences in how the two states govern.

Desantis started off by dissing California as a sanctuary state.

Hear it from the man himself.

There is no competing with Desantis as a governor especially when his state was hit by hurricane Ian he was hitting the ground running to make sure his constituents were taken care of.

The same can’t be said about Newsom as his state of California battles what he would label as a “climate change” driven winter storm.

According to The NY post, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is being roasted for being away on “personal travel” amid the devastating winter storms that pounded the state.

According to the governor’s office, he left California on Wednesday after visiting the Diablo Canyon power plant in Avila Beach. However, it’s unknown where Newsom traveled due to what they say are security concerns.

In the battle between California’s Governor Newsom and Florida’s Governor DeSantis, the stakes are high because of DeSantis. California used to be a coveted destination but now it can’t compete with freedom-loving Florida: an issue that won’t be solved unless Newsom starts turning his attention toward his own constituents more regularly. With more lenient regulations and policies that actually honor the freedoms it promises, it’s no wonder why Florida is bustling with new residents every day; if Newsom wants to reverse that trend and make California an attractive location again, he needs to start focusing on those who elected him in the first place.

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