AOC’s Hypocrisy Exposed: Latest Email Leak is Damning

Whether you're left or right, we can all agree that this liberal elite pretending to defer to a woke agenda is nothing but fake.
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Whether you’re left or right, we can all agree that this liberal elite pretending to defer to a woke agenda is nothing but fake.

Conservative brief reports, newly uncovered emails reveal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s staff was warned against attending the Met Gala in 2021 by an anti-corruption lawyer.

It was reported that, the lawyer warned that Vogue’s parent company, Advance Media Publications, was a registered lobbyist and appeared to suggest that she could attend the gala if she had an invite from event organizers. Ocasio-Cortez and her boyfriend accepted the tickets to the gala.

When AOC was questioned about her attendance at the ball, she refused blame and tried to blame her staffer for not paying the bills.

Several watchdog groups filed complaints after revelations emerged that she and her boyfriend scored $35,000 tickets each. There were also questions about Ocasio-Cortez’s “borrowed” dress, her sitting at a sponsored table possibly valued up to $300,000, and having a limousine ride.

In documents in the Congressional Ethics Committee trove, it was clarified that Ocasio-Cortez and her boyfriend were invited as Vogue guests. After her outing, a Vogue staffer contacted Ocasio-Cortez’s team and suggested they describe her as a guest of Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief.

When Ocasio-Cortez attended the Met Gala in 2021, the House Office of Congressional Ethics found substantial reason to believe she might have violated federal law by accepting impermissible gifts.

According to documents released on Thursday, the nonpartisan watchdog’s board recommended that the House review the allegations against Ocasio-Cortez. The Ethics Committee announced in December that it was investigating Ocasio-Cortez, without disclosing the subject of its inquiry. The move led to speculation, acknowledged on Thursday, that the review had to do with her attendance at the gala,

AOC, who has denied any wrongdoing, rented the dress, accessories, hair and makeup services for the occasion, but didn’t pay for them until after the formal investigation was initiated.

Congressional Ethics concluded that if Ocasio-Cortez accepted impermissible gifts, she violated House rules, standards of conduct, and federal laws.

The news of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attending the 2021 Met Gala after being warned against doing so by an anti-corruption lawyer, is a troubling abuse of power by the liberal elite. It’s clear that Ocasio-Cortez and her boyfriend got caught up in the glamour and fame of not only being invited to such a prestigious event but also having it paid for. This revelation from these exposed emails casts doubt upon Ocasio-Cortez’s genuineness to get politics out of corporate lobbying; proving that she and those around her are just part of the fake woke agenda. It comes as no surprise then, that many on the right are calling for AOC to resign due to this shocking abuse of authority, further reinforcing how hypocritical and dangerous her shenanigans truly are.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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