Biden Admin ROCKED after Unexpected Departure Sends Shockwaves Through the State Department

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The Biden administration is facing yet another embarrassing setback as the top State Department spokesman, Ned Price, has announced his departure.

This latest loss of key staff comes on the heels of a struggling economy and skyrocketing inflation, raising further questions over President Biden’s leadership.

Townhall reports, another shakeup has just been announced as Biden administration staffers leave as he passes halfway through his first term: Ned Price has resigned from his position as State Department spokesman to work directly for Antony Blinken.

Price served as the longest-serving federal agency spokesman during the Biden administration, outlasting all of his counterparts.

Blinken announced Tuesday night that Price will step down from his post in March and switch to a less public role.

In a statement from Blinken’s office that read “Ned has helped the U.S. government defend and promote press freedom around the globe and modeled the transparency and openness we advocate for in other countries. His contributions will benefit the Department long after his service. Ned’s firm grasp of the policies underlying our messaging made him that much more effective in his role. “

Blinken’s boilerplate language and effusive praise, however, don’t convey the full story of Price’s record-setting tenure with the Biden administration. As a result of Price’s departure, we won’t be able to hear his absurd Biden administration blather at the State Department.

His greatest hits include warning Americans being left behind in Afghanistan by the Biden administration that “their safety needs to be their top priority.”

Price also attempted to beg the Taliban to be more woke.

Recently, Price insisted that the Biden administration’s threats of sanctions against Russia served as a deterrent against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, only to impose sanctions and claim that doing so did not diminish U.S. deterrence as the State Department had previously argued.

The unfortunate resignation of Ned Price from his position as State Department spokesman serves as yet another embarrassment for President Biden and is indicative of the economy in crisis and skyrocketing inflation. His high-profile departure further highlights the biden administration’s battle against top staff quitting, which suggests that the government may be led by an unfit leader who has failed to rally his team – a situation that the American people certainly didn’t expect.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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