Chaos at San Francisco Farmers Market as Homeless Take Over!

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The little guy is being squeezed out across the country by ever-narrowing leftist policies. Small business owners, such as food vendors, in places where a leftist rules are feeling the heat like never before – and things aren’t likely to improve. Unfortunately, these purposeful policies are feeding into the leftist agenda and places like San Francisco are first to experience it. 

The San Francisco farmers market that was once a great source of fresh food and community conversation has become a dangerous place where shoppers risk running into drug dealers and addicts. This development is especially concerning given that it is located near homeless encampments, and the situation has become so bad that one resident is warning that the popular local marketplace is on the verge of extinction.

Fox reports, according to a San Francisco resident, one of the city’s popular farmers markets is on the verge of extinction because of drug dealers and addicts from nearby homeless camps.

On “Fox & Friends First,” Jenny Chan displayed a photo of encampments that are overwhelming the Civic Center. She described the city as on its way to becoming “Detroit.”

The San Francisco resident appeared on Fox to discuss the growing problem in her Democratic-run city.

The resident delved deeper as she described what the media once called a conspiracy theory that the homeless were being given free needles to do drugs.

In June, San Francisco voters recalled then-District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who was accused of implementing progressive policies, such as eliminating cash bail, and being soft on drug crimes. Brooke Jenkins, Boudin’s replacement, has reversed many of his policies, but it hasn’t made the city any safer, residents told Fox News last year.

As Jenny Chan pointed out, there has been no vote in favor of spending for tents or needles for homeless citizens. However, it is important to note that every democrat who has helped to support the homeless has casted their ballot. The unfortunate truth is that San Francisco is just as distressed as Detroit if not worse; this point is often overlooked. If she’s really that concerned about losing a luxury maybe she should be looking at her lawmakers for answers. She should also notice who gave her the platform to discuss the issues vs who didn’t.

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