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The news coming out of our southern border is not just alarming, it’s downright terrifying. American and Mexican armed forces were seen lined up shoulder-to-shoulder awaiting an invasion into the United States, by what some would say was an organized mass invasion. Trust me: you don’t want to miss this. Keep watching to find out more about this incredible development at America’s doorstep. 

In El Paso, Texas, on Sunday, more than 1,000 migrants rushed the Paso Del Norte bridge linking Mexico to the United States.

Fox News reports, the group of mainly Venezuelan migrants faced crowd control measures, but their efforts were thwarted, according to sources at the border.

With a sign above the bridge reading, “Feliz Viaje,” or, happy travels, a video shows the moment migrants began their invasion charge.

As the Mexican military attempted to contain the incident on the southern side of the bridge, Customs and Border Protection increased manpower on the U.S. side.

Many of the migrants, most of whom were Venezuelans, went to the center of the Paso del Norte international bridge to verify a rumor that the border had temporarily been opened to them, according to a report by the Texas Tribune. 

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities temporarily closed the crossing due to the large crowd and enacted measures to prevent migrants from entering the US around 1:30pm local time. In the hours following the migrants’ departure, officials reopened the crossing and allowed those with proper documents to enter again.

On Twitter, many lawmakers commented on the scene at the border, mainly offering criticism of the situation.

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake described the scene as an “invasion.”

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn commented, “President Biden needs to immediately ensure CBP and border patrol have the resources necessary to secure our border. Next, let’s build that wall!”

The GOP House Judiciary Committee took the opportunity to mock Democrats for constantly claiming that the “border is secure.”

Trending Politics’ Collin Rugg added, “Build Back Better? More like Broken Borders & Banks.”

And the GOP House Homeland Security Committee added, “Secretary Mayorkas continually puts our nation’s @CBP officers and Border Patrol agents in significant danger as he refuses to address the crisis at our Southwest border effectively.”

It was an unreal sight to witness, as hundreds – if not over a thousand – of illegal immigrants charged the bridge linking Mexico to the United States. The sickening reality was that this has become a common occurrence at the border. Such behavior is unacceptable, and stricter measures need to be taken by both Mexico and the U.S. to increase border security and prevent further occurrences like this.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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