Biden Has Near Death Experience Exiting Air Force One, Narrowly Missing Kamala’s Presidential Moment

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It’s no secret that Joe Biden is not the picture of health. On Monday, President Biden flew to San Diego to discuss a submarine deal with British and Australian Prime Ministers. However, what was supposed to be a routine trip quickly turned into an alarming display of his deteriorating physical condition.

As he attempted to board Air Force One, Biden stumbled and nearly fell down the stairs. 

This isn’t the first time this has happened either; in February, he tripped while boarding Air Force One in Poland and again when departing Alabama in March of 2023.

This begs the question: Is Joe Biden fit for office? If these incidents are any indication, it appears that he is not. The fact that he almost fell down the stairs of Air Force One is particularly concerning because it could have resulted in serious injury or worse – death! And if something were to happen to him while in office, who would take over? Vice President Kamala Harris would become president – something that should terrify all Americans who value freedom and liberty.

Kamala Harris has long been an advocate for policies that are antithetical to American values. She supports gun control measures that would strip citizens of their right to bear arms, she has called for defunding police departments across the country, and she has pushed for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Her radical agenda would be disastrous for our nation if she were ever given the chance to implement it as president.

Joe Biden’s unsteady gait on Air Force One should serve as a warning sign for all Americans: we must remain vigilant against those who wish to undermine our freedoms and liberties by putting someone like Kamala Harris in power. We must ensure that our elected officials are healthy enough to serve their full term so we don’t have to worry about someone like her taking over at any moment.

The stakes are too high for us not to take action now; we must make sure Joe Biden remains physically fit enough to fulfill his duties as president or else risk having Kamala Harris assume control of our government – something none of us want! It’s time we start paying attention and holding our leaders accountable before it’s too late.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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