Gretchen Whitmer Smirks As She Finally Admits Her Tyrannical Error

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Three years ago, citizens went into lockdown, republicans feared the government was overstepping their bounds, and leftist governors were enjoying their power thanks to the emergency orders – but now, one of those very same leftist governors is admitting their overstep of authority. Is it too late to say we told you so? 

Admitting mistakes is never easy, especially for public figures. In the political sphere it’s unheard of.  Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer stepped up and openly admitted that her measures during the lockdown on Sunday, when she appeared on CNN saying certain policies did not make sense in hindsight. She says this knowing she will not be held accountable by the leftists in the state of  Michigan.

During the interview CNN’s Chris Wallace asked Whitmer about the lockdown measures.

If you recall, as the Daily wire reports, when the pandemic was at its height, Whitmer instituted some of the most extreme lockdown measures.

Whitmer issued an executive order in April of 2020 that classified several home-improvement and gardening items as “non-essential.” Whitmer’s order explicitly prohibited the sale of these “non-essential” items.

Fox news contributor Ben Domenech, tweeted, “I didn’t believe this at first, but Whitmer’s order does indeed require stores to shut down their gardening and planting sections.”

Additionally, Whitmer issued one of the most aggressive stay-at-home orders to ban all public gatherings of any size, prohibiting residents from traveling between homes despite owning both. During the time when she disobeyed her own travel ban.

Regardless of admitting that one thing, Witmer doesn’t seem overtly ashamed with the smirk she had on face while confessing. Anyone regretful does not say it with a smile on their face. Michigan was one of the strictest states when it came to the measures and yet this is all Michiganders get? What an absolute joke. People like her need never serve in office after abusing their powers the way they did.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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