LOOK: Biden White House Sinks to New Low Pushing its Unpopular Agenda 

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The Biden administration has again been caught in the act of attempting to push its agenda, this time concerning gender pay equality. President Biden recently tweeted out a letter from a young girl asking for equal pay – only problem is, it appears to have been fabricated. 

After posting the letter about the gender wage gap allegedly received from a child, President Biden drew criticism on social media Tuesday.

Biden is asked in the handwritten note from “Charlotte” to “do something” about men “getting more money than girls.”.

The letter reads, “Dear President Biden: I just wanted to tell [you] something [that is] not fair to ladies. Men are getting more money than girls. I think you should fix this since you’re the president. Even I’m a child and I think we should do something.”

Biden shared the note on Twitter, adding the caption: “Charlotte, I couldn’t agree more. Women lose thousands of dollars each year, and hundreds of thousands over a lifetime, because of gender and racial wage gaps. I’m committed to building an economy where my daughters have the same rights and opportunities as my sons.”

Biden received a flood of responses from conservatives questioning the authenticity of the letter posted on “Equal Pay Day,” a public awareness event created by the National Committee on Pay Equity in the 1990s that “symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.”

In response to his tweet, Greg Price commented, “Lmfao this is so fake that it’s embarrassing Biden’s handlers even thought anyone would think it was real.”

Collin Rugg from Trending Politics added, “Yes, a 4 year old girl named Charlotte is writing the president letters about her concern with the “gender pay gap.” Rugg then made a Jeopardy joke, adding, “Alex, I’ll take stuff that never happened for $800.”

And Tim Young tweeted, “Sooo, they have staff writing fake notes from children to Biden now… lol.”

It looks like President Biden is willing to stoop very low in order to push his agenda. His go-to move appears to be crafting imaginary stories that evoke emotion rather than using facts, which really should tell us all we need to know about his approach to governing.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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