President Joe Exotic? ‘Tiger King’ Star Just Jumped into the 2024 Race

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You may think this is a joke, but it’s not. Joe Exotic, the former big-cat zoo owner and subject of the Netflix show Tiger King, has launched a presidential bid from his federal prison cell.

Even though “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic is serving time in federal prison, he has announced a bid for president in 2024.

In prison, Joseph Maldonado-Passage is serving a 21-year sentence for murder – a sentence reduced by one year after he began cancer treatment. 

In a video that is 4-seconds long, Exotic – who is running as a libertarian – revealed his campaign slogan:

After announcing his bid, Exotic released a statement on his website, saying, “Thank you for your interest in my Campaign. Yes, I know I am in Federal Prison and you might think this is a joke but it’s not. It is my Constitutional right to do this even from here.”

According to the former zookeeper, he felt qualified to represent Americans because he knew what it was like to be lied to by politicians.

Finally, he acknowledged in his statement that he had made mistakes in the past – and that he did not judge the American people for making mistakes in their past – and asked people to look beyond that to see what he could do for them.

The news of Joe Exotic’s presidential bid from prison is certainly surprising, to say the least. While it is certainly his right to launch a presidential bid from prison, those who are thinking about supporting him must consider the consequences of supporting a candidate who does not have any relevant experience in leading our free nation. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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