US Banks Face Government Control After SVB Collapse!

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Many Americans were shocked by the recent collapse of a number of banking institutions; however, a former treasury department official believes that an even bigger conspiracy could be at play. He suggests this could be part of a systematic plan to fundamentally alter the very nature of our banking system, If his claims turn out to be true.

Daily Caller reports, after Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on Friday and the government’s response, a former Treasury Department official said Tuesday that American banks were on the verge of nationalization.

This is what Roger Altman had to say when appearing on CNN.

CNBC reported that federal regulators closed Silicon Valley Bank Friday, following Silicon Valley Bank’s disclosure that it had lost $1.8 billion on asset sales due to high interest rates. The stock price fell and customers began a bank run. In conjunction with the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, the FDIC announced on Sunday that deposits at Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, which were shut down by regulators Sunday, can be reclaimed in full.

Alman continued his conspiracy.

Altman clarified that he had not stated that the banks had been nationalized when Collins called Altman’s statements “remarkable.”

Altman essentially made the argument as to why we don’t want government bailouts to happen when banks like SVB choose to take massive risks with other people’s money. His theory is a little out there, raises the question of can we put just about anything past the Biden administration’s handlers? These are the same globalists in favor of a one world government, why would they not use an opportunity like this to step in as the heroes while quietly nationalizing our bank system by selling off the collapsed banks to the highest bidder? They’ve colluded with big tech, why wouldn’t they do the same with big banks?

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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