Crisis: Eye Popping Number Breaches TX Border Last Week

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The start of 2023 has shown that there’s no slowing down in sight at our border. Staggering numbers have just been released by Texas, with the statistics soaring past anything we could have predicted. This state of affairs is dire and our worst days appear to be ahead if this pace continues. We can say those Texas numbers were eye-catching for all the wrong reasons.

Breitbart reports, during the past week, more than 10,000 migrants have crossed the border from Mexico into Texas, according to Border Patrol officials in the Del Rio Sector. In the report, over 6,200 apprehensions were reported and nearly 4,000 escaped individuals were identified.

Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens posted a report for Del Rio Sector activities between March 5 and 11.

A large group is defined as 100 or more migrants in one event by the Border Patrol.

The previous week’s recap covered February 26 through March 4. Agents reported apprehensions of 6,363 migrants in that report. As for getaways, there are another 3,718. Of the migrants arrested, 11 were criminal aliens and two were sex offenders.

Now, these numbers do not include migrants who were not observed crossing the border by agents or security cameras.

According to an unofficial report reviewed by Breitbart Texas, 22,500 migrants have arrived in Texas. Approximately 11,000 got-aways were reported for February.

In a report by the Texas Tribune, the U.S. Supreme Court canceled arguments February 16th in a case over the emergency health order the federal government has used to quickly turn away migrants, including asylum seekers, at the southern border for nearly three years.

No reason was given by the justices as to why the March 1 hearing on Title 42, the emergency health order that has expelled 2.6 million migrants since March 2020, was pulled from their schedule.

According to a brief filed last week by a lawyer for the Biden administration, the case is moot since the federal government plans to end its public health order on May 11, which allows the government to invoke Title 42.

May 11th, if the Supreme Court has not yet heard  the case, will be a very dark and chaotic day for our hard working border patrol agents. If we think these current numbers are bad, wait till we see the numbers on that day and so forth. We will be begging for these numbers a week, especially with the mass of illegal migrants on the day it was supposed to end late december last year.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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