EPA Faces Heat From Ohio Politician Over Toxins Found in East Palestine

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Senator JD Vance of East Palestine, Ohio is an exemplary leader and a reliable testament to true representation. He takes care of his constituents’ business even after the importance has waned in the public eye. His steadfast leadership skills are truly remarkable in this day and age when many politicians lack such discipline and tend to only do as much work as they need to when all the lights are shining on them. Not for Sen. Vance, he continues to show his constituents he’s dedicated to holding the Biden admin accountable. The constituents of East Palestine, Ohio have scored big on senator JD Vance. 

Senator JD Vance (R-OH) is showing his determination to protect the people of East Palestine, Ohio from dangerous toxins by pushing the Biden Administration and the EPA to remove such waste as soon as possible. After visiting East Palestine earlier and seeing “the environmental injustice” firsthand, he knows something needs to be done and has demanded that dangerous waste be taken away immediately.

The Ohio Star reports, Vance visited the waste site after testifying at a U.S. Senate hearing on railroad safety on March 9th regarding dangerous chemicals still contaminating East Palestine weeks after a railway catastrophe.

The Ohio Governor’s Office reports that approximately 24,400 tons of excavated soil still needs to be removed from East Palestine, compared to only 2,980 tons already removed.

Some government representatives and environmentalists claim they were not fully informed about the EPA’s decision to stop shipments of toxic material heading to Michigan and Texas. Following the implementation of additional oversight measures by the EPA, shipments have resumed to new facilities in Ohio and Indiana.

Vance believes that recovery in East Palestine cannot begin until the Biden administration works to relocate waste to licensed disposal sites.

Vance tore into both the EPA and the Biden Administration for their inaction.

Federal authorities report that 50 train carriages, including 10 carrying hazardous materials, derailed on February 3rd because of a problem with an axle. Among the five vehicles, vinyl chloride was found. On February 6th, Norfolk Southern released poisonous gasses to stop an explosion that prompted hundreds of residents to evacuate.

Despite reports of hundreds of dead fish in the Ohio river near East Palestine and residents complaining of headaches and illnesses since the derailment, officials told East Palestine residents on February 8th that they could safely return home.

Typical of government organizations. They like to take their sweet time instead of handling what needs to be handled. The people of East Palestine will need someone to continue to advocate for them in Washington, DC. because God knows they’ll need it for the long hall, and hopefully senator Vance to voice for them.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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