Leo Terrell Exposes San Fran’s Flawed Reparations Plan

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Leo Terrell knows what he’s talking about when it comes to America owing nothing to noone. His passionate words on the San-Francisco news were firm and unwavering; clearly stating that the conversation of reparations has gone too far. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, the American nation knows that our freedoms and liberties have been earned, not given, so any attempt at taking dollars out of hardworking people’s pockets should be met with fierce opposition.

Daily caller reports,

During a Fox News interview on Wednesday, Fox News contributor Leo Terrell criticized San Francisco’s reparations proposal for black Americans.

In a draft reparations proposal, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors accepted it Tuesday night, which would allow black Americans who qualify for a $5 million payout by meeting two of multiple criteria, such as being incarcerated during the “failed War on Drugs” or descended from enslaved people.

Let’s first review what occurred at the board meeting with some testimony by community members desperate to get their hands on millions of dollars they did not earn.


The draft meeting occupied former Democrat Terrell’s attention and he had lots to say.

Then Terrell said San Francisco residents were “being misled because this is nothing more than political grandstanding.”

He continued to argue saying, “this came out of the George Floyd summer of riots when Gavin Newsom created this board, somehow to patronize black America and basically he prolongs this because he wants to run for president and stop the bleeding of black males leaving the Democratic Party.”

Among the eligibility requirements is that individuals be born or move to San Francisco between 1940-1996 and have lived there for at least 13 years. A second requirement for eligibility is to have attended a city school before it was completely desegregated.

When money is put in the faces of many people with no desire to work for their own money, of course they’re going to demand that money when they’re told they deserve it. An entire culture has been duped to believe they’re owed something because some of their ancestors were wronged at some point in history. We have news for them, everyone if they look down their family line have had someone in their gene pool that was wronged one way or another. Does that mean we are all owed reparations? 

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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