Enes Kanter Exposes Adam Silver’s Destruction of the NBA!

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American men love their sports. We know it and the world knows. When Americans do something, we do it bigger and better than anyone else, except of course for soccer that’s still dominated by Europe for now. However, take the NBA for instance, it used to be a great organization until a certain someone, Adam Silver, came into the picture and now it’s known for shady business dealings, all out in the open thanks to people like Enes Kanter Freedom. 

Daily caller reports, Enes Kanter Freedom, a former NBA player, slammed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for destroying the NBA and warned that Silver may also devastate Disney as his rumored replacement at the media conglomerate could be Silver.

As part of his appearance on “Mornings with Maria,” Kanter discussed how he first noticed Chinese infiltration through the NBA’s hypocrisy.

This is what Enes Kanter Freedom had to say about when he started paying close attention to the Chinese Infiltration into the NBA


In addition, host Maria Bartiromo mentioned that Silver is a top candidate to succeed Walt Disney as CEO.

Kanter then hinted at a possible congressional run, saying “America needs freedom and freedom needs America.”

According to the NY Post, Enes Kanter Freedom believes the NBA wants him to retire because of his political views.

After playing 35 games with the Celtics last season, he was traded to Houston and subsequently waived. It’s no secret that Freedom has made headlines for his criticisms of the NBA and LeBron James’ relationship with China, but his play has also plummeted since he was a reliable player off the bench on Oklahoma City’s playoff team a few years ago.

Why is it that anyone who criticizes the CCP in the United States of America, suddenly gets slowly shut down or removed from organizations such as the NBA? By doing that, don’t they realize that makes them look more guilty or are they really that far gone that they would rather bow at tyrannical governments? They have no shame. Chances are, most of their revenue probably comes from the CCP. The NBA is no longer American owned.

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