WATCH: America REACTS After Sleepy Joe Takes A Much Needed Vacay While The Nation Crumbles

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Biden’s insatiable appetite for rest and relaxation has led him to vacation for quite a bit during his time in office. The amount of time that Biden has been away from his duties is truly appalling and should be known by every American. 

On Friday, Joe Biden departed for Delaware for another sleepy weekend getaway.

According to RNC Research, this will be his 311th vacation day or 40% of his time in the White House spent on vacation.

Twitter users blasted Biden for running off to Delaware for the weekend yet again.

One person tweeted, “Going to collect his 10 percent and a top off on his embalming fluid.”

Another said, “He has been a part time president never fighting for the American people”

Another person added, “Biden has done this same routine for more than 50 years! He never works and never has!”

This person said, “Holy friggin’ crap, almost an entire YEAR on vacation? Certainly not earned”

And this one added, “America would have been better off if he had spent 100% of his time in Delaware.”

CLOSE. As our nation grapples with various crises and challenges, we are left to wonder if sleepy Joe is merely living up to his nickname or if his frequent vacations are a symptom of something more concerning, perhaps health-wise. Either way, it seems undeniable that President Biden has a proclivity for hitting the brakes when the nation is in need of a steadfast leader at the helm. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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