ANSWERED THE CALL: Trump Supporters Show Up In NYC Ahead of Trump Arrest As Key Witness Dismantled 

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Could this be the end for President Donald Trump’s return to the White House? After Trump posted on Truth Social to call for his supporters to protest his impending possible indictment, we have witnessed dozens of Trump supporters gather outside the Manhattan Criminal Court in anticipation. Despite this being an incredibly high-profile story, we have heard evidence that, ironically, could backfire on Democrats and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Robert Costello, a former legal consultant to Michael Cohen gave testimony before a grand jury on Monday. This is something we couldn’t ignore and we have all the details you need to see in this must-see report!

In the days following Trump’s announcement on Truth Social that his supporters should protest his possible indictment, dozens of Trump supporters were seen outside of the Manhattan criminal court.

Red MAGA hats and American and FJB flags were worn by many of the protestors.

Check out some of the protestors here:

Many Conservative voices have warned Trump supporters to avoid protests due to the possibility of false flags, despite Trump’s call for protests.

We tweeted: This is what they want tomorrow. DO NOT give them this. Let @realDonaldTrump handle this. They want a scene they can play on repeat. They want a reason to continue their hate for Trump supporters. Please. PLEASE. Do NOT give in to their plans.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted, “This is what a real Trump supporting peaceful protest looks like. They obey the law and use their constitutional rights. Trump supporters don’t wear mask and encourage violence. Trump supporters chant “Fed Fed Fed!!!” at people like Ray Epps. Well done.

Support for Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has become visible in recent weeks as he faced potential arrest. Reports suggested his potential arrest was postponed due to Robert Costello’s testimony before a grand jury on Monday, March 20th.

Costello was Michael Cohen’s former legal consultant, and noted that Cohen is untrustworthy due to his prior record of lying.

Benny Johnson tweeted, “BREAKING: Michael Cohen’s former legal advisor Robert Costello, who appeared before the Trump grand jury today calls Cohen a “convicted perjurer” and says he “is far from solid evidence”

Trump’s possible indictment has Trump supporters rallying en masse in protest outside of the Manhattan Criminal Court, showing just how wildly successful Trump has been in riling up his base. What should be a fairly straight-forward case against Trump seems to have backfired on Democrats and the Manhattan District attorney with Robert Costello testifying that Cohen is an untrustworthy source due to his long history of perjury. Trump will without doubt emerge victorious from this thinly-veiled attempt to end his political career as he did before and ride this attack straight into the Oval Office. The diehard Trump supporters outside the court only further testify to that conclusion.

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