WATCH: America MOCKED in HUMILIATING Viral Video – We’re being Laughed at around the World 

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Russia is laughing at America and it’s due to a newly surfaced video that you need to see! With so-called “propaganda” that paints a negative view of the United States, combined with some rather clever editing, Russia has created a viral video masterpiece. Is this a real Russian propaganda campaign or simply a joke? We have all the details in this must-see report that can’t be missed. If Russia is telling us something by sharing this inside look at life in the United States, everyone needs to take notice right now!

A Russian video, set in an airplane, that has gone viral shows the bizarre reality of life in the United States  under Democrat policies.

In the video, a Russian family is moving to the United States, with the father expressing his longing to settle there. A woman sitting nearby confirms his excitement, saying America is a free country and a land of opportunity.

However, the family learns something they weren’t expecting about living in the United States:

Russia seems to be getting in on the laughter at the expense of America’s current political predicament, with a video showcasing just how ridiculous it has all become. Going viral across social media platforms, this video was Russia’s response to the propaganda Americans have been feeding on from the Democrat party — a humorous look at how bad things had gotten in the US. While it may have been intended solely as a joke, many viewers were left wondering what Russia wanted to achieve by publicly ridiculing the US’ current state of affairs. Whatever their purpose may have been, Russia has certainly succeeded in showing that life in America is not all that it seems.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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