Biden Immigration Policy Leaves Gaps for Continued Disasters!

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The weasel in charge of our border security, not Kamala, the other one -Mayorkas, who looks like a deer in headlights every time he’s questioned by congress about the border. He’s back to his old ways after his latest public appearance. Doing nothing but collecting a paycheck while bashing republican lawmakers for their demands on a secure border.

Breitbart reports, President Joe Biden’s pro-migration border chief is criticizing pro-legal migration advocates for making demands that could undermine the reelection campaign of Biden in 2024.

Mayorkas made these comments during a March 15 interview with a former ACLU lawyer and UCLA professor of law, “We’ve done so much and we have so much more to do that we will do.”

Despite the promises of curbs, Mayorkas pointed out a number of exceptions and loopholes, urging progressives to manage their ambitions: It is about taking one’s ideals, taking one’s ambitions, in seeking to realize those ideals, and meeting the moment, the reality with that we confront … How do you propose that we handle 8,000 people each day when we are not [funded by Congress] for that?

Despite the harm to America, pro-migration progressives want to see even more migration in 2023 and 2024.

The immigration lawyer claimed he want the world of immigration chaos Biden promised on the campaign trail.

The immigration lawyer is the U.S.-born son of migrants from Sri Lanka who were welcomed into the United States. For two decades, he has made a career by championing more migration from Sri Lanka and other countries.

The President has not promised to stop this politically risky, unpopular southern immigration.

Instead, he announces deceptive curbs that do little to reduce migration risks.

The first curb is the decision to stop cross-border migration from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela. Nevertheless, the “parole pathway” plan simply diverts migrants to airports for them to fly directly to job offers and apartment rentals in America from their home countries.

A second draft policy appears to curb asylum requests by migrants crossing from Mexico. However, it contains so many exemptions that few migrants will be stopped by it.

The establishment media is describing both policies as successful measures to curb illegal immigration.

People like the UCLA lawyers are the doom of this country. They think simply because we are the greatest nation in the world we are obligated to take in everyone who knocks at our doors. That is not how you run a successful anything. If a business just gave out free products to everyone, their business would run out of products and go bankrupt. What does he think will happen to a nation with open border policies for the entire world? That is not a successful method to run a country and the fact that he’s an immigration lawyer and does not see the writing on the wall for such a bad receipt says a lot about where he got his education.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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