Defunded Forces Now Funded: SF Cops Get Millions

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After crazy agenda-pushing to defund police spread like wildfire across the nation, it appears that San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed has had a change of heart regarding the situation and is now pouring millions into police overtime pay.

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It seems even the San Francisco board is beginning to realize how bad they messed up when it comes to defunding the very people who are sworn to protect everyone.

Daily Caller reports. Following years of cuts to the city’s police budget, San Francisco Mayor London Breed secured $25 million for overtime pay Tuesday.

On Feb. 18, Breed proposed a $27.6 million police budget supplemental to help fund overtime, but ultimately reduced the proposal’s amount. Three board members co-sponsored the $25 million overtime measure, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday by a 9-2 margin.

As part of Breed’s outreach to the public, she brought this issue to the attention of citizens before the board met.

In a tweet Mayor London Breed stated “The Board just approved $25M in funding for police overtime and extended two of our ambassador programs.  Ensuring that our police officers can respond to calls and keeping ambassadors on our streets is how we address public safety in our neighborhoods”

Breed also added via twitter “Thank you to the residents and small business owners who stepped up and made their voices clear — your calls for action were heard. We are taking this next step to address immediate safety needs, while we continue to work toward long-term solutions.”

According to the Chronicle, Breed had cut the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), the sheriff, district attorney, and juvenile probation departments’ budgets by about $60 million in 2020. The San Francisco Police Department currently has 700 fewer full-time officers than recommended. According to The San Francisco Standard, SFPD Chief Bill Scott and District Attorney Brooke Jenkins attended a press conference to promote the new supplemental.

While the crime in San Francisco has been getting worse and worse, it just so happened that a CNN crew experienced this first hand.

Washington Free beacon reports, a CNN reporter covering street crime in San Francisco, Calif., was robbed outside city hall on Friday, an incident that comes amid an uptick in crime in the Democratic-run city.

As Lah reported to CNN, the theft occurred while she and her crew were conducting interviews about voter discontent with the city’s rampant street crime.

In a crazy agenda that was seemingly driven by mob tactics, San Francisco had planned on defunding its police forces. However, what came as quite a surprise this week, the city council and mayor London Breed voted to provide $25 million for overtime pay for the SFPD. It seems the politicians had a change of heart over cuts to the PD – who knows why? Nonetheless, no matter where you stand on the defund police mentality, it is clear duty of any government to protect its citizens and support public safety initiatives. Here’s hoping other cities follow suit and America can put an end to crazy agendas that threaten our citizens’ safety.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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