AOC Cries ‘Fascism’: GOP Bill on Parental Rights

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Amid the already tense political divide, recently House Republicans introduced a bill which caused an uproar among Democrats, who accused them of advancing an agenda of fascism.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was particularly vocal in her opposition to the bill, claiming it will lead to book banning and ultimately restrict education concerning all of the topics she holds dear. 

Washington Examiner reports. US House Democrats denounced a GOP bill on parental rights Thursday, calling it fascist and likely to lead to book bans.

In a series of floor speeches on Thursday afternoon, House Democrats accused their Republican colleagues of trying to ban books and prevent children from learning about the holocaust, gay and transgender issues, as the House began a heated floor debate on HR 5, the Parents Bill of Rights.

The bill, which was sponsored by Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA), would require all public school districts to disclose their curriculum materials to parents, require parental consent for participation in student surveys, and prohibit schools from selling student information “for commercial or financial gain.” Speaker Kevin has a number of priorities, including this legislationMcCarthy (R-CA) and was introduced as HR 5 to commemorate the age of students when they begin kindergarten.

However AOC is not impressed. 

House Republicans are standing up for campaign promises, and the wishes of the constituents when it comes to making sure parents are represented in their children’s education.

The agenda of the Republican Party has been put into motion with their latest bill, sparking fierce debate among lawmakers. Representative AOC has raised the alarm that the agenda of this “Parental Rights” bill may actually lead to book banning and curtailing access to Holocaust education, sparking worry and fear across the nation. Unfortunately, it appears that this agenda is part of a faith crisis playing out in the House — one that undermines economic inflation, passes disingenuous legislation and perpetuates fake news. While many are relieved at the GOP’s attempt for parental rights, but what could follow if this does not pass is even more scary. Now we have to ask ourselves if religious freedom will trump the others agenda? So much hangs in the balance and it’s sad that God’s people are forced to stand in opposition with their own party.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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