Eyes in the Sky: New Technology Helps Catch Illegal Immigrants

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With agenda-minded politicians, rampant inflation, and a fiercely competitive economy, it’s no surprise that securing the US border nowadays is more important than ever.

Under the leadership of Chief Chavez in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, high-tech solutions have been brought in to provide an extra level of security and protection for our country from illegal migrants.

Breitbart reports, according to Border Patrol officials, agents are more effective during regular operations because technology is being used more frequently. As a result of the assets, agents are able to be directed to specific incidents occurring along the border.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez tweeted photos of a new Autonomous Surveillance Technology system deployed along the Texas-Mexico border. She described the systems as “game changers” that enable persistent surveillance.

In her tweet Agent Chavez showcased images of the new technology while stating “Do you see what I see? We probably see more. Autonomous Surveillance Technology are game changers!  ASTs provide persistent surveillance capabilities increasing situational awareness for our agents on the border!  “

Chief Patrol Agent Anthony “Scott” Good tweeted that agents are also utilizing artificial intelligence software in the El Paso Sector. 

He stated “Autonomous Surveillance Towers are vital to our mission as it utilizes artificial intelligence software to enhance detection and track who and what may enter the #US illegally. #ElPaso sector currently has 15 ASTs throughout the region.”

Agents also use handheld cellular technology to track down and apprehend migrants and drug smugglers crossing the border in addition to ATS systems.

In a tweet Border Patrol Chief Good stated “Leveraging technology! #USBP #ElPaso Sector agents utilize handheld cellular technology to increase our effectiveness. These GPS enabled cell phones allow real time tracking and communication between agents to safely secure our borders. “

Border patrol agents need all the help they can get as the Biden administration has done everything in their power to make sure that there are as many illegal aliens crossing into America as possible.

In the past 11 months, US authorities have made more than 2 million immigration arrests along the southern border, marking the first time enforcement statistics have exceeded that threshold.

In August, U.S. Customs and Border Protection detained 203,598 migrants crossing from Mexico, the latest figures show, putting authorities on pace to make more than 2.3 million arrests during the government’s fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30. Including some people arrested more than once, this year’s total surpasses last year’s record of more than 1.7 million arrests.

As the agenda to secure the US border continues, many people are turning to high-tech solutions. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Ronald Vitiello recently revealed how the new technology in use has allowed the Border Patrol to increase migrant capture rates significantly. Agents now have assistive AI assistant and guard dogs that help them patrol the Rio Grande Valley sector more efficiently, granting them a better line of sight on security issues arising near the border. This efficient and invaluable duty is exactly what they need to protect our country as it faces an increasingly manufactured crisis with rampant inflation and a faltering economy. High-tech surveillance is truly a game changer when it comes to securing America’s borders, now only if the White house would follow through on their constitutional duties.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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