Rep. Hilariously Duped Into Reading Ridiculous Names

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 In the country’s ongoing saga of political shenanigans, the latest development in the state of Florida is a true classic. An unknown culprit recently pulled a daring prank on a state congressman to get a priceless reaction – even managing to fool the legislative staff. This prank shines a humorous light on the clown world we all inhabit, but in the funniest way possible. Even if you don’t agree with the conservative point of view, you can still find yourself laughing along at this immature humor. They don’t make them this subtle anymore. 

It was the gaffe of gaffes, funnier than all of Joe Biden’s gaffes hands down.

The New York Post reports, it was truly a face-palm moment.

In an Insider Paper report, Florida House District 71 Republican Will Robinson Jr. read a list of people into the record aloud, including fake names, during Monday’s civil justice meeting.

During a committee meeting, the Florida state representative was hilariously duped into reading the names “Anita Dick” and “Holden Hiscock” into the record during a committee meeting this week.

He read: “Anita Dick”, pausing and looking around as a woman next to him held up her hand to her mouth.

He uncomfortably finished saying, “Is an opponent. Waives in opposition.”

The Rep. thought it was just a fluke but it wasn’t.

Instead of me not doing the video justice, let’s watch the viral video

The difference between a Republican and a Democrat is that the republican was able to laugh at himself later on on Twitter.

In response to the social media buzz surrounding the gaffe, Robinson invited Ms. Dick and Mr. Hiscock to attend the next meeting.

It’s nice to see a light hearted genuinely hilarious moment we can all come together and laugh at. It was a much needed 30 second escape from reality and it couldn’t have come from a better state. The best part about it all, the state representative could laugh at himself. Life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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