Incredible Rescue: Baby Saved From Smuggler at Rivers Edge

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It is inhumane and unforgivable that in 2023, in a crisis created by the Biden administration, a desperate infant was left abandoned in what can only be described as a tragic state at the southern border.

This heartbreaking footage showcases not only the depths of human depravity, but also serves to highlight the courage and heroism of those who risk their lives so that others may have life and safety. 

DailyWire reports. Agents from the Border Patrol rescued a 1-year-old baby from the Colorado River edge after a smuggler dumped the child near the southern border.

There has been an explosion in illegal migration at the southern border under Joe Biden, raising humanitarian concerns as well as national security concerns.

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz captioned the shocking video he tweeted Thursday. “A one-year-old Guatemalan child was abandoned along the Colorado River Monday afternoon by a smuggler who took him across the border and then left him to fend for himself along the water’s edge, Thanks to our agent’s quick response, tragedy was averted!”

In a reply to his own tweet Chief Raul Ortiz announced that the child was safe with an Agent.

Despite being identified, the minor’s name has not been revealed to the public to protect his privacy.

While things on the Souther Border remain a dumpster fire, things on the northern border are quickly spiraling out of control.

Fox News reports, during his speech on Friday, President Biden announced a new agreement with Canada that will allow both countries to turn back illegal immigrants at their shared border. He also announced a new global effort to combat fentanyl smuggling.

Officials expect that the agreement will deter irregular migration at the U.S.-Canada border by returning migrants who attempt to cross illegally between ports of entry. An earlier Safe Third County Agreement, which did not address illegal immigration, has been updated.

As part of the Los Angeles Declaration last year, Canada also committed to accepting an additional 15,000 migrants from the Western Hemisphere over the next year.

This would reduce the pressure on the U.S. southern border, which has been facing a historic migrant surge since 2021.

The inhumane conditions at the Southern border have been an unfortunate reality since the onset of Biden’s immigration policy, and a recent viral video is a painful reminder of what unimaginable atrocities can occur in a system gone unchecked. Border agents performed an incredible rescue in which they saved an infant only one year in age from smugglers at the river’s edge in an act that can only be described as heroism in its purest form. It’s beyond unforgivable to think of any other outcome in which such a tragedy would have played out, making this rescue all the more electrifying. In moments like these, it is crucial to remember the sanctity of life and reflect on how brave actions like those exhibited by the border agents remind us of just how precious each life is. It is yet another example where Biden failed our nation while we thank those who reminded us not even the most dire of scenarios is lost on hope.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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