NATO in PANIC Mode amid Heightened Nuclear Threat, Proving Trump was RIGHT All Along

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As tensions between Russia and the West continue to escalate, NATO finds itself in a state of panic mode. Recent announcements from Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the country’s nuclear decisions have only added fuel to the fire. Meanwhile, the revelations have proved one of President Trump’s predictions amid the ongoing situation right. With a potential nuclear catastrophe on the horizon as the West sends tanks and other military support to Ukraine, it’s clear that Trump’s warnings were not unfounded.

Russian President Vladimir Putin  recently revealed plans to place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, located next to Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania. During last year’s Ukrainian invasion, Russian forces used weapons stationed in Belarus to help stage the invasion, which the Russian leader said would be under his command.

Rather than weapons capable of wiping out cities, tactical nuclear weapons are used for specific gains on a battlefield. Russia has an unknown number of these weapons.

According to Putin, the nuclear site in Belarus will be ready by July 1. The exact date of the weapons’ delivery to Belarus was not stated by him.

As a result, NATO called his rhetoric “dangerous and irresponsible” and said it was making Belarus a “nuclear hostage.”

On Truth Social, President Donald Trump warned, “All I can say right now is PRAY! ”

Trump wrote: “Here we go!!! Just as I predicted, now we’re playing with the “BIG STUFF.” The “N” WORD is now being used, front and center. This situation was caused by us – It’s what happens when you have incompetent people running your government. All I can say to you right now is, PRAY!”

In January after it was announced that the U.S. would be sending tanks to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russia, Trump wrote at the time on Truth Social: “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES. Get this crazy war ended, NOW. So easy to do!”

The recent actions of Putin and Russia have only served to prove that Trump’s warnings about the country were not unwarranted. As NATO scrambles to address the heightened nuclear threat, it’s clear that a strong and decisive response is needed. While the situation may appear dire, there is still hope for a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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