Americans Reject High Cost of College Education

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With a new era of technology upon us and many more facts, our views on higher education have shifted in unprecedented ways. No longer just a means of completing the ‘American dream’, we are increasingly recognizing the value of pursuing higher learning as a way to open doors of opportunity, expand our capabilities far beyond what could be accomplished without it, and allow us to contribute in meaningful ways to society. Given all that, the country no longer sees higher education as what it used to be.

Americans are waking up to the scam that a college education offers with the massive price tag attached to it. The skepticism for higher education as we get further into the new decade is vastly increasing with young adults entering into the workforce with useless degrees.

Breitbart reports, according to 56 percent of Americans, “college is not worth the cost,” while 42 percent say it is “worth the cost because people have a better chance to get a good job and earn more income over their lifetime.”

In the Journal-NORC survey, 1,019 adults were surveyed from March 1-13, mostly online, with a margin of error of 4.1 percentage points at 95 percent confidence.

According to a survey published by NORC in 2022, Americans believe that the cost of college is the primary reason they do not attend college.

According to the pollster,“Seventy-five percent of Americans believe people do not attend college because they cannot afford it. Beyond the price tag, many believe that students may need to work immediately (62 percent), and more than half (59 percent) say that Americans could earn a good living without a college degree.”

During the Journal survey, respondents were also asked to rate specific issues as a “major concern,” a “minor concern,” or a “not a concern.” Sixty-seven percent of respondents say student loan debt is “not a concern,” while 17 percent say it is “a major concern,” and 16 percent say it is a minor concern.

NBC news reported on this a year ago and concerns are only getting worse as people’s financials are far worse off today.

There is mounting evidence that a majority of Americans are skeptical about the value of attending college for the simple reason that job skills often remain undeveloped and results in a massive amount of debt. Unfortunately, with costs for tuition continuing to rise, it increasingly puts pressure on households and adds strain to their budgets. Many students are looking at alternative paths to employability, such as pursuing technical training or even starting a business – although they both offer unique challenges and risks of their own. That’s just the financial reason. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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