GOP Demanding Answers after Biden’s IRS Visits Home of Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi 

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Conservatives are up in arms after the IRS paid a visit to the home of Twitter files journalist Matt Taibbi, who had been testifying before Congress when the federal agency showed up at his residence. This move has raised suspicions among GOP members, who are now demanding answers. Many are wondering if this is part of a larger campaign to silence conservative voices in the media.

Journalist Matt Taibbi leads a team of journalists who have gained access to Twitter Files, showing a network of government agencies, think tanks, and Twitter employees working together to attack the First Amendment. 

Taibbi’s New Jersey home was visited by the IRS the same day he testified to Congress’ Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about the Twitter Files. In response, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen demanding answers. 

In addition, as part of the appropriations process, Senator Hagerty (R-TN) vowed to exert pressure on the Treasury Department to investigate the IRS’ “highly irregular” visit to Taibbi’s home on the day he testified, even if it meant withholding funding from the Treasury Department.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation also weighed in on the situation, tweeting, “If the IRS visit to @mtaibbi’s house had anything to do with his reporting or recent Congressional testimony it would be a disturbing attack on press freedoms. Let’s hope the government quickly and credibly explains.”

On Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” Taibbi reiterated his belief that the modern Democratic Party no longer represents the values of the average American in wake of the IRS agent coming to his home while he was testifying on Capitol Hill. 

It’s simple to see why the IRS’ visit to Taibbi’s home has sparked widespread concern among conservatives. This move directly targets free speech and the freedom of the press. The GOP is now pressing the Treasury to figure out what is behind this visit, even if it requires withholding their funding. It remains to be seen whether this is an isolated incident or part of a larger campaign to silence conservative voices. Whatever the case may be, free speech and the protection of journalists must be upheld.

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