Florida Education Revolutionized by DeSantis’ Historic Bill

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Florida has been making quite the headlines lately, no doubt thanks in part for the efforts of Governor DeSantis. His list of achievements for the state so far is remarkable, and his latest move looks set to make history. Millions of parents in Florida now have a glimmer of hope when searching for better education for their children.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, ushered in a new era of school choice on Monday when he signed a comprehensive bill into law. This groundbreaking legislation makes Florida the fourth state in the country to firmly commit to an expansive universal school choice plan. This is good news for conservative parents in the state who have long desired an educational system that competes educationally and value wise.

Fox News reports, with House Bill 1, all 1.3 million students in Florida will have access to school choice options because financial eligibility restrictions and enrollment caps will be eliminated.

In his office, DeSantis claims the legislation will “further cement Florida’s leadership in school choice.”

The governor went into greater detail about why it’s such a crucial step.

A number of red-state governors across the country have enacted universal school choice legislation, igniting a “revolution.”

Among Republican governors, universal school choice legislation made significant progress, which did not exist anywhere else in the country a year ago. Currently, Utah, Iowa, Arizona, West Virginia, and Arkansas are among the states with universal school choice.

A major school choice law passed in Arkansas by a Republican governor was the most recent example. By signing the AR LEARNS educational reform bill on March 8th, Sarah Huckabee Sanders expanded school choice and outlined a plan for the state to adopt universal choice by 2025-2026.

Over 50 pieces of school choice legislation have already been proposed this year, while only a few states have passed significant school choice legislation. School choice legislation may also be passed in Idaho, Indiana, Ohio, and Wyoming.

These are massive victories for parents who have been battling for years to give their children the best education. This is most important since the lockdowns did a number on public school education. Teachers can now compete to be the best and work in the best schools for the best pay, exactly how it’s intended to be. Everyone wins except democrats who hate educational improvement.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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