Mostly Peaceful Protests in Tennessee? Look at this Jaw Dropping Footage and Decide for Yourself!

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The media continues to push the narrative that all protests advocating for Democrat agenda items are mostly peaceful. However, new footage out of Tennessee begs to differ. A local reporter attempted to paint a picture of peaceful demonstrations, but the video evidence tells a different story. 

Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 reporter Kelsey Gibbs posted a video that went viral showing pro-gun control protesters fighting with Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers inside the state capitol.

In the video, it was also shown that a protester was initially taken into police custody before he was released.

As her video gained traction, Gibbs posted a tweet saying, “This was a peaceful protest. I was there and knew of no one getting arrested. These students were at the Capitol to lobby for gun control. It was a packed Rotunda. Troopers had to make pathways for lawmakers to go to the restroom.”

After deleting her original post, Gibbs reposted the video with a similar caption, insisting that the protest was peaceful and only became chaotic when troopers had to make way for legislators.

The second time around, Gibbs tweeted, “I deleted the last tweet because I wasn’t as clear. This was a peaceful protest. Students, parents and their supporters went through Capitol security to lobby for gun control in the Capitol. No one was arrested. This shoving started when THP needed to make way for lawmakers.”

However, many disagreed with her, with one person tweeting back: “Shoving cops isn’t peaceful and just from that video, pretty clearly people should have been arrested.”

Another person added, “Doesn’t look very peaceful to me.”

Meanwhile, the State House proceedings were also disrupted by Democratic lawmakers on the floor Thursday.

It’s clear that the mainstream media is pushing an agenda when it comes to reporting on protests. This latest footage out of Tennessee demonstrates that many of these demonstrations are far from peaceful. When protesters resort to violent behavior and physical altercations with law enforcement, it’s time to call it like it is: a dangerous and unlawful situation.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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