Defending Pro-Life Values – Sen. Tuberville Fights Back

Sen. Tuberville took action to hold up defense nominees in response to the Pentagon's highly controversial and "illegal" abortion policy
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Senator Tuberville (R-AL) is sending a loud and clear message on the issue of Pro-Life vs Pentagon Abortion Plan: he won’t stand for any confirmation blocks preventing individuals from taking office.

Earlier this month, Sen. Tuberville took action to hold up defense nominees in response to the Pentagon’s highly controversial and “illegal” abortion policy – pushing forward a dangerous Biden agenda.

Townhall reports, earlier this month, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) put into action his plan to hold up defense nominees because of the Pentagon’s “illegal” abortion policy that would provide service members and their dependents with paid time off and travel expenses following an abortion.

As he continues to defend not only pro-life values but the law throughout this week, the senator has made headlines. In a floor speech on Wednesday, he emphasized the most crucial and overlooked point of all. Tuberville isn’t the reason nominees aren’t being confirmed.

Although Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has tweeted about Tuberville, he might be better served by putting these nominees up for a vote in the Senate.

Schumer stated in a tweet “GOP Senator Tuberville is holding up 160 military promotions—because he can’t get his way on blocking women in the military from receiving health care. I can’t think of a worse time for Republicans to pull a stunt like this as threats against our country continue to grow.”

Schumer continued to tweet variations of the same tweet but further asserting that women in the military are more than capable of making their own health choices.

It’s worth noting that the DoD has itself to blame for its crisis of priority when it comes to how much political agenda has become rampant in the military, all while failing to worry about a recruitment crisis that has been highlighted by Republican members.

Additionally, the Biden administration has a bad habit of not getting back to members on issues like this. Tuberville shared from the Senate floor on March 8 how he and his colleagues sent “more than a dozen” letters that went unanswered from the Department of Defense.

There is a need for the Biden administration to give up its pro-abortion obsession, which not only forces taxpayers to cover paid time off and travel expenses, but also violates 10 U.S.C. 1093. As a result, abortion can only be funded in limited circumstances such as threats to the mother’s life, and others in a very limited scope. It also applies to the spouses and dependents of service members. According to Tuberville, if Austin wishes to change this law, he must go through Congress.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) recently took a stand against liberal attacks on religious freedom and pro-life values by refusing to allow defense nominees to go through without an adamant rejection of the Pentagon’s plan to provide paid time off for service members and their families to obtain abortions, which is viewed by many as a Biden lie. This agenda championed by the Biden Administration is viewed as an effort to push pro-abortion policies onto a population that largely opposes them and deprives individuals of their free will. The Senator believes this policy reflects poorly on the integrity of our government and stands in direct opposition to God’s will, saying “If this plan goes through, it would irreparably damage America’s war-readiness capabilities and demonstrates disgusting attempts at political corruption!” He continues to fight back against such attempts that violate religious freedoms and plans on challenging Biden’s deep rooted agenda.

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