Victory! House Approves Historic GOP Led Energy Bill

Thursday, the Republican-led House passed a bill aimed at increasing domestic energy production and easing permitting restrictions.
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The long-awaited GOP energy bill has finally been approved by the House and is being touted as a major conservative victory.

Supporters of the plan are touting it as a way to increase domestic energy production and help ease permitting restrictions, while also creating jobs and spurring economic growth.

Daily wire reports, Thursday, the Republican-led House passed a bill aimed at increasing domestic energy production and easing permitting restrictions.

A final tally of 225-204 results from four Democrats joining their GOP colleagues in supporting Majority Leader Steve Scalise’s legislation, the “Lower Energy Costs Act.” Six members did not vote.

The Republicans argue the legislation would reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign oil and natural gas. According to Scalise, his bill would “unleash American energy production” and cut President Biden’s “insane permitting red tape.”

The top of the lengthy bill promises to lower energy costs by increasing American energy production, exports, infrastructure, and critical minerals processing, by promoting transparency, accountability, permitting, and production of American resources, and by improving water quality certification and energy projects, among other things.

A slim Democratic majority controls the Senate, where the bill now heads.

Chuck Schumer has attacked the new energy bill before its passage.

According to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the bill is a “partisan, dead-on-arrival proposal” and a “wish list for Big Oil.” Schumer expressed support for “good faith” bipartisan talks in order to determine what kind of permits can be granted..”

A rare united front between fossil fuel and green energy groups is calling for reforms to a “broken permitting system” that hampers infrastructure development.

ACP, a renewable-energy trade group, argued that provisions and reforms in Scalise’s bill would boost clean energy in the U.S., create jobs, and improve energy security.

After much debate, the House has finally passed a controversial Republican-led energy bill that seeks to radically overhaul the country’s energy production and make life easier for businesses. Though genuine energy independence remains just out of reach, this bill could still be a major game changer for conservative reforms. If nothing else, it shows that Republicans remain determined to bring about change amid rampant corruption and unchecked corporate greed – even if Joe Biden may have lied about it. Unfortunately, economists are warning that in time the result could be higher prices with detrimental effects on jobs thanks to inflating costs. However, should it prove successful, the GOP’s legacy could eventually be one of real economic benefit and lasting energy independence.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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