Shanty Towns and Drug Addicts: Blue States in Turmoil

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The reality of Democratic policies is finally being felt as the consequences ramify across America. For many ordinary Americans, these tough times mean crucial decisions about their future are having to be made and the situation looks like it’s only getting worse, with the proliferation of corruption and  dangerous policies in these blue states. 

For quite some time, the effects of blue state policies have been painfully evident. Substantial tax hikes, damaging business regulations, and inflated cost of living have exacerbated the current issues facing many communities. To make matters worse, crime rates in cities and states with strict democrat influences have experienced a sharp spike. Consequently, those citizens who can afford to migrate elsewhere are doing so; the allure of greener pastures has never been more tempting. 

The Patriot Journal reports, as COVID progressed, this phenomenon only intensified. Once blue states reopened, you would have thought the exodus would slow down.

As a result of Democratic policies, police have been defunded, taxes have been hiked, the border has been opened, and homelessness has increased. Some blue areas are almost uninhabitable, as shanty towns and drug addicts crowd the streets. Now, we are seeing how many sane Americans have fled for their lives.

In 2022, Los Angeles County saw the largest population decline of all U.S. counties, falling by 90,704. From July 2021 to July last year, Cook County, the county that contains Chicago, lost 68,314 people… Three states – Texas, Arizona, and Florida – grew the most in population: Texas, Arizona, and Florida…

Among the biggest losers were Los Angeles County, California (-90,704), Cook County, Illinois (-68,314), Queens County, New York (-50,112), Kings County, New York (-46,970), and Bronx County, New York (-41,143).

It’s no surprise that the states with the biggest surge in growth are in the Southern red states. Many people fear liberals are infiltrating these traditionally red states and flipping them. A conservative state like Arizona has become a dangerously liberal one.

The trend was no different from a year ago. Here’s Rex CEO Peter Rex explaining many of the reasons why he moved his business from California to Texas last year.

If it were conservative moving from blue states to red states many in red states would see no issue with that. Something needs to be done with these democrats who repeatedly move every time they destroy a state and not take accountability for their actions. Republican governors need to get creative to stop incentivizing them from moving to red states or we will see our cities start to become like Houston, Dallas, Miami continue to vote somewhat blue.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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