Border Patrol Council President Rages Against DHS Secretary Mayorkas

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As our border patrol agents continue to bravely work amidst the current crisis, their leader has voiced his dissatisfaction with Mayorkas’ lack of action. With overflowing immigration centers and not enough staff to deal with such an influx of people, it’s time for Mayorkas to take some level of responsibility and implement procedures or policies that will help remedy this growing problem. Sadly, it appears that he is content with simply pushing the issue under the rug or completely ignoring it all together.

Daily Caller reports, the Border Patrol Council president slammed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary for refusing to acknowledge that there is a crisis on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

During a “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday, Mayorkas refused to call the situation a crisis because he has faith in his agency’s agents. In his view, a crisis is a “withdrawal” from a situation, while the agency is working to mitigate the flood of migrants and fentanyl into the country.

According to Merriam-Webster, a crisis is “an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending” and as a “situation that has reached a critical phase.”

Brandon Judd was first asked to comment on disturbing footage of a child drifting down the RIO Grande river.

Then Bradon responded to what Mayorkas said on 60 minutes about the border. This is where it gets fun.

Over the weekend, human smugglers lured approximately 1,000 migrants across the border. According to Judd, cartels often exploit gaps in U.S. coverage to increase their profits, as evidenced by the surge in fentanyl.

Judd disputed Mayorkas’ claim that the border situation is worsening because of a global phenomenon rather than domestic issues.

He Said “That’s an absolute lie. 57,000 got away in the month of March and 163 apprehensions in the month of March and 30,000 apprehensions increased in the month of February, those are crisis levels. That’s not happening around the world, that’s only happening here in the United States.”

As a result of Mayorkas’ handling of the migrant crisis, Judd’s union endorsed his impeachment. In February, Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs formally introduced impeachment articles against Mayorkas.

Border patrol agents regardless of whether they would like to do their jobs, there is absolutely nothing they can do if policies do not change. The only thing they can do is quit or follow the policies. A lot of these men and women genuinely love their jobs and  we saw a couple of them take their own lives at the beginning of this administration. Let’s pray this impeachment is followed through on.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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