Trump Unfazed by Democrat Attacks: Watch Him Enjoy Himself With His Fans

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 President Donald Trump’s unique style of connecting with the American people has kept citizens on their toes since he assumed office. His willingness to go beyond the expected in order to demonstrate his care and appreciation for those who voted him into power makes his presidency far beyond inspiring. Unlike any other president in history. 

Trump has always been a beam of light and hope to the people who voted him into office, but during his break from golfing at Mar-a-Lago recently some of his fans were able to personally witness just how dedicated he is to them. The sight of the Commander in Chief effortlessly talking to them showed exactly why the man is so loved.

As can be seen in this video, President Trump does not seem to be too concerned about the Democrats’ witch hunt against him. In a new viral video released on Friday, Trump is seen laughing and joking with a group of people on the golf course. TikTok user “LarryTheWoodCarver” originally posted the video.

Citizens Free Press tweeted saying “President Trump is a man of the people.”

Let’s TAKE A LOOK at the moment

These are just a few of many moments for him. This past Saturday night he attended a UFC fight and got one of the loudest standing ovations ever!

Earlier this week, Trump flew to Manhattan to be arraigned in the witch hunt instigated by Alvin Bragg. Despite his plea of not guilty, he will appear in court again in December.

No president has ever been so engaged with the people like he has. Moments like what he had at the golf course happen all the time and we’ve gotten used to it. When was the last time Biden or Obama did something like that if not for a publicity stunt? People remember those kinds of moments.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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