Newly Unearthed Video Destroys Case Against Trump, Exposes District Attorney’s Bragg’s Bias

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You won’t believe what district attorney Alvin Bragg said about former President Donald Trump! A viral video has resurfaced, revealing Bragg’s true feelings towards the controversial political figure. In the video, Bragg holds nothing back, referring to Trump as a “rich old white man” and making it clear that he harbors a bias against him. But this video could threaten Bragg’s case against Trump, as many are questioning his ability to remain unbiased in his prosecution. Will this video be the nail in the coffin for Bragg’s case against Trump? Only time will tell.

In a shocking turn of events, a newly unearthed video featuring Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg should put an end to his case against former President Donald Trump once and for all. The video was filmed during Bragg’s run for the district attorney position and aired on the progressive radio station HOT97. During the interview, the hosts ask Bragg if he plans on going after Trump, to which they receive an eager and revealing response.

Bragg’s response not only shows his eagerness to prosecute Trump but also his clear bias against the former president. Bragg takes a cue from one of the hosts and refers to Trump as a “rich old white man.” This language is unacceptable and shows Bragg’s true intentions from the beginning – to take down the former president no matter what the cost.

Alvin Bragg has been preparing to inherit the case against Trump from his predecessor, Cyrus Vance. Bragg’s previous experience as chief deputy in the Attorney General’s office has given him ample opportunity to legally battle with Trump, having litigated against him over 100 times. This experience has made Bragg even more eager to prosecute the former president, even before he has had the chance to see all the facts in the case.

Bragg’s use of biased language against Trump in the video is extremely concerning. By referring to Trump as a “rich old white man,” Bragg is clearly showing that he has already made up his mind about the former president’s guilt. Bragg’s intentions are not to seek truth and justice in the case, but rather to fulfill his personal vendetta against Trump.

Such clear bias against a defendant is unacceptable in a court of law. If a district attorney had referred to any other defendant in this manner, inserting any other race in place of “white,” the case would have been thrown out immediately. Now that this video has resurfaced, it’s clear that the case against Trump should also be thrown out.

Alvin Bragg’s clear bias against former President Trump and his eagerness to prosecute him should be a major concern for all Americans. The use of such biased language is unacceptable and reveals Bragg’s true intentions from the beginning. If Judge Marchand is a fair and just judge, he should immediately throw out the case against Trump based on the evidence presented in this video.

It’s time for Americans to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions and demand a fair and just legal system. The resurgence of this video sends a clear message to Alvin Bragg and all other district attorneys that bias has no place in our legal system. It’s time to put politics aside and focus on the truth and justice for all.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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