EPA Downplays Overturned Truck Carrying Toxic Soil in Ohio

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This kind of news simply cannot be manufactured. And if it is, it must be from an old Hollywood script. Just when residents of East Palestine, Ohio thought they could breathe a sigh of relief, the unexpected happens while their town’s on the verge of recovery.

East Palestine, Ohio, is a small town that has been in turmoil since the incident involving a train operated by Norfolk Southern that derailed and spilled toxic chemicals into the environment. The accident caused a fire, and cleanup crews ended up igniting five train cars in an attempt to get rid of the toxic chemicals, creating a menacing plume of thick smoke that resembled a mushroom cloud. Now, residents are facing another situation during the clean up process.

On Monday, a truck carrying toxic soil from the site of the train derailment overturned, spilling 20,000 pounds of contaminated soil into the environment. 

According to a WKBN report, the driver suffered minor injuries in the accident and was cited for operating a vehicle without reasonable control. The truck went off the side of the road, hit a ditch, and a utility pole before overturning on its side. As a result, the soil spilled onto the road and berm.

The Ohio EPA claimed that the spill was contained and not a threat to nearby waterways. Despite their reassurances, residents of East Palestine are understandably concerned about the long-term effects of this spill on the air and water quality in their community.

The train disaster that occurred in February has left them struggling to cope with the effects of toxic chemicals on their health and the environment. The cleanup is still ongoing, and the EPA expects it to take three months, meaning that the Biden administration believes that the environment in the small town will be unsullied by mid-June.

 However, this latest incident has rightfully prompted questions about the effectiveness of the cleanup efforts and the safety of residents.

Several roads near the accident site were closed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, but were reopened later.

Here’s the scene of the accident.

The people of East Palestine, Ohio, have faced unimaginable turmoil in recent months. The train derailment that occurred in February caused environmental and health concerns, which are still being addressed. However, the recent spill of toxic soil from the site of the disaster has added to their worries. Although the EPA claims that the spill was contained, this minor incident continues to prove just how incompetent the EPA and the department of Transportation are.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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