Joe Biden’s EPA to Force Green New Deal Mandates on Cars, Trucks and More

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ThIS administration is taking its sinister EV agenda to a new level. Americans continue to vote with their money; they continue to ignore the obvious signs. Instead they would rather beat us into submission with their policies.

Joe Biden’s extreme measures to restrict gas-powered vehicles and force Americans to buy electric vehicles has taken yet another shocking turn. On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new tailpipe emissions limits that could require as much as 67% of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. by 2032 to be all-electric. This represents the country’s most aggressive climate regulations to date and showcases Biden’s true intentions. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Biden’s new plan and how it will strip Americans of their freedom.

The American Dream is founded on the principles of freedom and individual liberty. But now, Biden’s EPA is threatening to strip Americans of their freedom with this radical plan.

 Under this plan, Americans will be forced to buy electric vehicles that are too expensive and inconvenient to own. The new emission standards could result in an unsustainable 67% of all new vehicle sales being electric!

CNBC reported, Currently, only 5.8% of vehicles sold in the US are electric. This new plan is nothing short of a blatant attack on the gas-powered vehicle market, representing yet another attempt by the government to insert itself into the lives of everyday Americans. This dangerous overreach could have serious long-term effects on the economy, the working class, and our American way of life.

This is what the head of the EPA,  Michael Regan announced

As a result of the proposed limits, EVs will account for roughly 50% of new vehicles sold by 2030, surpassing President Biden’s previous commitment. Also, the limits would significantly reduce climate-changing emissions from the transportation sector, the largest source of greenhouse gasses in the U.S.

Despite a rise in EV sales in the US in recent years, EV sales accounted for only 5.8% of all the 13.8 million new vehicles sold in the country last year. The U.S. is the third-largest market for EVs behind China and Europe. Auto industry analysts say it will be difficult for automakers to meet the projected sales percentage. 

Experts say that automakers will be forced to take drastic measures to meet these standards, such as cutting jobs, closing factories, and passing on the cost to customers.

Joe Biden’s extreme measures to restrict gas vehicles and force Americans to buy electric vehicles is nothing short of tyranny. It’s a blatant overreach of government authority that could have irreversible consequences. It’s time for Americans to stand up and protect their individual liberties against these socialist policies. This radical new plan is yet another example of Biden’s policies that seek to undermine America and destroy the free market.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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